Professor Martin Thoms

Director of the Institute for Rural Futures

Research Interests

Professor Martin Thoms is an interdisciplinary river scientist who focuses on linkages between fluvial geomorphology and freshwater ecology; at scales ranging from near bed hydraulics to entire river networks. Members of the research group undertake complex-systems research in order to tackle “wicked” environmental problems in riverine landscapes. This encourages interactions between different disciplines within an adaptive learning cycle to build and strengthen conceptual understanding, scientific knowledge, practical solutions and science-management partnerships.

Postgraduate Supervision

Martin has a very active post graduate program. Current post graduate projects focus on; the fragmentation of river network, ecosystem response to variable wetting and drying, ecosystem services and climate variability, food webs and geomorphology and the role of connectivity and geomorphology in shaping fish community structure. Past supervision areas have included: the ecohydrology of large wood, modelling flow regime for extreme events, environmental influences on anostracan zoogeography, using LiDAR to quantify the physical complexity of floodplain landscapes, floodplain vegetation landscapes, the influence of habitat heterogeneity and hydrological connectivity on riverine food web structure, and the ecohydrology and restoration of an estuarine wetlands.


GEPL306 – Water in the Environment
GEPL308 – Environmental Change