International Collaborators

Professor Thomas Hein
Austria | BOKU

Professor Mike Stone
Canada | University of Waterloo

Professor Evelyn Habit
Chile | University of Concepcion

Dr. XY Cheng
China | Beijing Normal

Professor Jianbo Chang
China | Institute for Eco hydrology

Dr. Christian Wolter
Germany | Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology

Professor Paul Wood
Great Britain | Loughborough University

Dr. Andy Large
Great Britain | Newcastle University

Professor David Gilvear
Great Britain | Plymouth University

Professor Adrian Collins
Great Britain | Rothamsted Research Institute

Professor Geoff Petts
Great Britain | University of Westminster

Professor Ian Maddock
Great Britain | University of Worcester

Professor Takashi Asaeda
Japan | University of Tokyo

Dr. Matts Erikson
Nepal | ICIMOD

Professor Gary Brierley
New Zealand | University of Auckland

Dr. Ian Fuller
New Zealand | Massey University

Professor Russell Death
New Zealand | Massey University

Dr. Barry Biggs
New Zealand | NIWA

Associate Professor Kevin Collier
New Zealand | University of Waikato

Dr. Murray Scown
Sweden | Lund University

Dr. Kattis Jonson
Sweden | University of Stockholm

Professor Denis Hughes
South Africa | Rhodes University

Professor Chris James
South Africa | University of Witwatersrand

Professor Kevin Rogers
South Africa | University of Witwatersrand

Dr. Gene Likens
United States | Institute for Ecosystem Studies

Professor Jim Thorp
United States | University of Kansas

Dr. Chris Rogers
United States | University of Kansas

Dr. Sean Collins
United States | Lees MacRae College

Professor Andy Casper
United States | University of Illinois

Dr. Diane Whited
United States | University of Montana

Professor Cliff Ochs
United States | University of Mississippi

Dr. Patty Beyer
United States | University of Pennsylvania

Professor Dave Butler
United States | Texas State University

Professor Kimberly Meitzen
United States | Texas State University

Professor Jason Julian
United States | Texas State University

Dr. Joe Flotemersch
United States | USEPA

Dr. Bill Richardson
United States | USGS

Dr. Mike Finen
United States | USGS

Dr. Nate DeJaeger
United States | USGS

Professor Mike Delong
United States | Winona State

Professor Roger Haro
United States | University of Wisconsin